Reusable Insulated Bag | Tropical Paper Garden

  • Great for transporting frozen or hot food from the grocery store to your home or kitchen. Keeps hot items hot and cold items cold.
  • Light weight & easy to clean - wipe down/hand wash cold, hang dry.
  • Each bag is made from durable 100% virgin polypropylene, lined with aluminum foil and has a handle and zipper closure.
  • Handle measures approximately 15¾" x 1".
  • Great gift for yourself or that special someone.

Petite - Measures approximately 8¾" W x 5½" D x 8¾" H

Medium - Measures approximately 11¾" W x 6½" D x 10¾" H

Large - Measures approximately 13¾" W x 10½" D x 11¾" H

Bento Casserole - Measures approximately 10.5 W x 4½" D x 111⁄4" H

Casserole - Measures approximately 15¾" W x 10½" D x 7¾" H

Wine Single - Measures approximately 13¾" H x 5¾" D x 3¾" W

Wine Double - Measures approximately 13¾" H x 4" D½ x 8" W

    Tropical Paper Garden has many Reusable Bags to choose from.

    Stop using Plastic Bags, and Replace your Grocery Bag with Eco-Friendly Reusable Bags.

    Reusable Insulated Eco-Friendly Bags to take Anywhere | Hawaii's Original Hot/Cold Reusable Bag

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